Player Pawn

Playerpawn is for professional players to connect with their fans, This is a platform made by players, for players and their fans who seek to have strong connection to real sports memorabilia.

We have done complete wireframes, design, iOS app development admin and complete backend work for the app. This project contains lots of advanced features. AWS server is used for the backend. Android app and website work is under process.

Category: Sports, Shopping
Language: English
Current Version: 2.0


Buy and sell with people you know at work and school. Why sell to complete strangers when you can share in your own trusted networks? And if you want something, simply ask.

We have done complete design, iOS app development and complete backend work for the app. We believe in long-term relationship with clients and we are making regular updates for this app.

Category: Shopping
Language: English
Current Version: 2.0


Pynit serves both, iOS and Android users to save any number of locations(pyns) in their own personalized address book from where they can instantly navigate to the selected location by tapping, typing or speaking.

Pynit is 100% free for all users, its incorporation with google maps help with the accuracy of data.

We have done work on iOS, Android, Admin and complete backend work for this product. There are number of versions released for this product to generate best quality product for users. Dharmani Apps is handling regular updates for this product also.

Category: Travel & Local
Language: It is available in 20 languages.
Current Version: 2.1 for android, 2.2 for iOS

Serena Grill

Serena Grill is foremost authentic and inspiring place to relish food and Halal meat at Whitby.

They prepare kebab and tikka from the foremost mouth-watering and tender a part of the meat. It’s ready with right parts in good portions and grilled for explicit temperature and time.

Dharmani Apps has designed and developed website for serena grill restaurant based in canada. After development of website we have made various changes to make it look perfect. We are now working on SEO and Marketting part of this website.

Category: Restaurant Website
Language: English
Current Version: 2.0


AtmaGo is a FREE app for Android: Use AtmaGo to help your neighborhood + Share solutions to common problems + Learn about job opportunities + Buy and sell goods + Read and comment on news, culture and your community!

We have done work on Atmago android app with some admin UI design work. This is a great product and we are working over its second version by using latest design, technology.

Category: Communication
Language: English and bahasa Indonesia
Current Version: 1.8


Dcash is a lifestyle application that gifts digital wallet to people which fills up with every transaction with dcash points.

These points can be collected and redeemed for anything in the dcash network.

Dharmani Apps has developed iOS and 2 apps of Android. One version is for customers and other one is used by backend team to collect points. This app uses all features of creating QR code, Scanning Qr code, Beacons.

Category: Communication
Language: English and Arabic
Current Version: 1.8

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